State Policy

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  • Notes from the Field

    From State of the States in Gifted Education 2008-2009 (NAGC & CSDPG, 2009):
    Does your state have a state acceleration policy?
    • 8 states have a policy that specifically permits acceleration.
    • 7 states have a policy that leaves the decision to LEAs.
    • 28 states have no state policy, thereby leaving the decision to LEAs.

    Voices of Acceleration

    I was lucky to be in a large school district so that once I reached high school I had all sorts of opportunitiesā€¦ I have even more of an appreciation for the difficulties gifted students can have staying interested and plugged in to academics when those academics are not nearly challenging enough. It is especially difficult for those students in smaller districts, where there aren't as many choices. Moreā€¦

    Medical Student, University of Virginia