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How Do You Know if Acceleration is the Right Choice?

Determining whether or not to accelerate a child can feel overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be great if you could systematically account for all the important factors and automatically generate a report about whether acceleration would be a good fit for a particular student?

Introducing the Integrated Acceleration System

The Integrated Acceleration System, an online tool developed by leading researchers in gifted education, guides participants through the integration of information about acceleration. Informed by decades of research, the Integrated Acceleration System includes all of the major factors to consider when making a decision and produces a report about readiness for one of the many forms of acceleration, including grade-skipping, early entrance to kindergarten, subject acceleration, and early entrance to college.

The Integrated Acceleration System is designed for users in the United States. However, the flexible framework can be applied to international educational systems.

My daughter's school brought up the idea of her skipping a grade. We were reluctant to the idea at first, (but) we made the choice to have her skip 5th grade. She has excelled beyond our expectations!

How It Works

Designed to be used by a team of educators and parents, the Integrated Acceleration System generates recommendations about readiness for one of the many forms of acceleration, including:

A group of kids

Grade Skip

A student moves to a grade that best matches ability rather than age.

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Early entrance to kindergarten

Early Entrance to Kindergarten

A child starts school at a younger age than typical.

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A student in the library

Subject Acceleration

A student needs additional challenge in a particular subject area.

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University students

Early Entrance to College

A student begins college a year or more early.

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Ready for Answers?

The Integrated Acceleration System gives you the power to make confident, research-driven decisions.



Still have questions about the Integrated Acceleration System, or acceleration in general? Check out the resources listed on the Acceleration Institute website, blogs about the Integrated Acceleration System, or email us!

Grade Skip

In order for the Integrated Acceleration System to generate a report you'll need:

  • The student in question and a child study team comprised of a parent/guardian, facilitator, current teacher, and future teacher
  • Information about the student, such as demographics and current achievement, cognitive ability, and specific aptitude tests
  • About one hour for a meeting with the child study team