This information was produced by the staff of the Belin-Blank International Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development (B-BC) at the University of Iowa ( The resources and information listed here are for informational purposes; there is no direct or implied endorsement by the B-BC. Services provided by the B-BC include programs for academically talented K-12 and college students, professional development for teachers, the Assessment and Counseling Clinic, the Acceleration Institute (, and graduate programs and research in gifted education.

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The Iowa AP Index

The Iowa AP Index is an indicator of Advanced Placement (AP®) opportunities for Iowa students.

The Iowa AP Index recognizes accredited public and non-public Iowa high schools for providing AP opportunities and applauds students for their willingness to step up to the academic challenge.

The Index is released to the public in May of every year. To view the Iowa AP Index from 2005 to the present, including a summary table of changes in the Top 50 schools over time, visit the Iowa AP Index Website.