Iowa Acceleration Scale

Iowa Acceleration Scale Cover

The Iowa Acceleration Scale, 3rd Edition is a tool to help schools make effective decisions regarding a grade-skip.

The IAS guides a child study team (including educators, teachers, parents, and other professionals) through a discussion of the academic and social characteristics of the student.

The IAS provides:

  • A more objective look at the student;
  • An analysis of the major factors to be considered in making a decision;
  • Guidelines for weighting the relative importance of the major factors;
  • Documentation of the student’s strengths and concerns
  • A numerical range to guide the discussion and decision of acceleration; and,
  • A standard of comparison with students who have had successful accelerations.

The IAS, 3rd Ed. can be purchased from Great Potential Press. The proceeds from the purchase of the IAS are fully returned to Belin-Blank Center student and teacher programs. No authors of the IAS benefit financially from sales of the book.